Excel Benefit Consulting
Inspiring mental, physical and financial
well-being in you and your employees.
Make a difference for you every day by
- Listening with Excitement
- Learning with Passion
- Excelling beyond Measure
Flexible Group Benefit Solutions for Your Business Needs
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…about our wonderful clients, amazing work family and show our care through compassion and understanding in all we do!

…make a difference in everything we do – give our best and strive for Excellence always!

…incredible synergy comes through when collaborating with each other, clients, our wonderful resources like Jenn, Lindsay, Karla, etc.

…constantly learning so we can be inspired and share our learning with our clients!

…have fun – need I say more people! There are not enough hours in the day for all the fun we have here and our energy and aura becomes infectious!

…share, share and share some more – with each other, everything from ideas to a hug; with our clients who are part of our wonderful Excel family; with the incredible local community we are blessed and privileged to live in!

…doing what we say and then going beyond! Our clients rely on us for a very, very valuable piece of their overall compensation strategy and what we promise and do is critical – it truly makes a difference!

…the importance of full disclosure – we are a resource for our clients – they have a right to know what they pay us, how the costs work, etc.!

Excel Benefit Consulting Inc. is a dynamic and growing Calgary–based group benefit consulting company dedicated to developing innovative group benefit solutions for companies in today’s challenging marketplace.

The name Excel was chosen to ensure our firm continues to be innovative and exceed the on-going expectations of our valued clients.

Excel is a trusted Calgary based company focused on being more than your group benefit consultant. Our commitment to our clients is an ongoing transparent partnership that really makes a difference through:

E nhanced relationships
X cellence in Innovation and Execution
C ustomization and Creativity
E ducation and Engagement
L isten and Learn, continually