Excel Benefit Consulting

The ability for companies to attract, motivate and retain employees is crucial to business success. At Excel or through one of our strategic alliances, we are able to assist with ideas and services for direct (i.e. wages) and indirect compensation (e.g. group benefits, flexibility, wellness, pension, etc.).

At Excel Benefit Consulting, we pride ourselves on always looking for opportunities to offer greater value to our clients by expanding our suite of services, and are excited to advise that we have access to detailed compensation reports through a 3rd party provider, which we provide exclusively to our clients at no additional cost.

We help employers identify their market competitiveness with the work-pay relationship. The compensation reports provide cutting-edge expertise and insight to help you make the right compensation decisions for your organization.

The reports show you:

  • Total compensation, salary and hourly rates, bonuses and benefits
  • Results matched to your organization’s location, type and size
  • Salary by years of experience, education, certification and workplace skills

As one of our valued clients, we offer a complimentary compensation report for a specific position(s) within your company. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.


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