Excel Benefit Consulting

Objective Insurance Market Reviews

As we are not affiliated with any one insurance carrier we review the insurance marketplace to come up with the insurance carrier and pricing that best suits your needs.

Cost/Benefit Analysis

Of great importance for employers when making plan design changes is the cost impact. Our comprehensive costing models let you see exactly what the various plan design changes will cost both on an individual and overall company/ aggregate level. As well as providing a benchmark for benefits as it relates to overall compensation.

Plan Design Options

We keep you informed of the latest trends and plan design options from fully insured plans to self insurance as well as Health Spending Accounts (HSA), Wellness Accounts, flex arrangements, EFAPs (Employee Family Assistance Programs), Critical Illness Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance.


We do whatever we can to help you with your benefit plan, ranging from assisting with disability claims to contract review to ensuring a death claim benefit is available to your employee’s loved ones as soon as possible.

Renewal Costing & Analysis

One of the key services we provide to our clients is a full review of your group benefit renewal to educate and collaborate with you about the various pricing components of your renewal and analyze the renewal rates to ensure they are priced fairly and competitively.

What's Going On In The Industry

As we handle a number of plans, conduct various market reviews and talk to numerous companies about group benefits we can provide our clients with a good overview of what is going on in industry, as we have access to numerous industry benchmarks.

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