Excel Benefit Consulting

Whether you already have a group retirement program or are looking at implementing one we can help.

Through our affiliation with Brian Harrington, Brian assists our group retirement clients with:

  • Questions such as: What is best for your organization and why? (Group RRSP, Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution pension plans, and other options)
  • Objective Insurance carrier market review including review of competitive Investment Management Fees (IMFs)
  • CAP Guidelines – What are they and what are my employer responsibilities?
  • Employee Communication Meetings and Individual Advice to employees
  • Answers to “Is our group retirement plan competitive?”


Financial Advisor

Brian Harrington has been in the retirement business for over 20 years, all of it based in Calgary. Brian’s background has been in both the Corporate Retirement Planning and Individual Financial Planning arena. On the individual side, he helps individuals and families achieve both their financial and lifestyle goals.

Brian has a business degree from an eastern university and in 1997 was awarded the CFA designation (Chartered Financial Analyst).

Brian and Caroline work closely together on group retirement programs for corporations and Brian’s licenses allows him to provide advice to individuals in terms of their retirement planning.


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