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Inspiring mental, physical and financial well being in you and your employees.

Lynn Kendrick


CEMATRIX (Canada) Inc.

"I would like to express our true appreciation and trust for Excel Benefit Consulting. Caroline, Beatrice and the rest of her team have been incredibly helpful, forthright and understanding. One of the main reasons that we have such respect for Excel is in the ‘back to basic’ mentality of doing business. Our company has the same philosophy. You need to reach out to your customer, have a rapport with them, find out the ways that you can offer solutions and have their trust. In this technologically advanced era we live in, people rarely if ever have to make a business connection. As an example, one year while going through our renewal process, we were still with our previous benefit consultant and we did not like the rate we were given for renewal. I contacted Caroline to see if she could quote me a better rate. She would not. She said to me “Anyone can give you a quote and within a couple hundred dollars it will be the same. I don’t want to quote you, I want to work with you and your employees to find a benefit package that works. Let me know when you are ready and I will be there.” We had been with our previous consultant for well over ten years and we had never met him. Did we make the change to Excel? You bet we did, because they wanted to help us. They were interested in us! And while we are still making now “informed” changes to our plan, we now know more about our current plan than we ever have. Knowledge is a wonderful thing. Nothing is too much trouble for this team. I refer to Caroline as “The Guru of Benefits.” The knowledge this firm has is second to none. We are so grateful for Caroline reaching out to us that day. Her knowledge, attention to detail, negotiating skills and incredibly attentive team has made our transition to Excel one of the easiest and best decisions we have ever made."

Tara Brindley

Human Resources Generalist

RPS Energy

“The support we receive from Excel Benefit Consulting Inc. on our group benefit plan is exceptional! They not only provide us with a wealth of knowledge but are always pro-active in keeping us informed of various benefit trends and legislative changes. They are responsive and accessible and you can feel their enthusiasm and passion for what they do regardless of who you talk to on the team. We would highly recommend Excel for all your group benefit needs. ”

Maria Larson

Manager, IT and Business Services

Kelt Exploration Ltd.

“I have worked with Caroline and her team at Excel Benefit Consulting Inc. for a number of years both at Celtic Exploration Ltd. and now at Kelt Exploration. She has been a wonderful resource and a wealth of knowledge in terms of competitive group benefit plans in our industry and dealing with extensive growth in terms of plan design and costing. Both Caroline and her team are exceptionally customer service-oriented and always immediately responsive to any of our group benefit needs. I would highly recommend Excel Benefit Consulting.”

Rindi Velker


Thermo King Calgary Inc.

“We have worked with Excel Benefit Consulting Inc. for a number of years and Caroline and her team have always been helpful, and conscientious in dealing with any of our benefit concerns. They have been a great resource in terms of helping get claims issues resolved, providing information on a variety of benefit topics and offering comprehensive costing information both at renewal time and throughout the year so we are able to make informed decisions regarding our group benefit plan. We would be happy to recommend them for any of your group benefit consulting needs.”

Karen Halliday

Payroll Clerk

Akita Drilling Ltd.

"I loved learning about Excel’s tailored approach to group benefits solutions and their passion to ensure excellence in concierge employee benefit consulting. In payroll, benefits often mean codes and calculations so it was nice hearing the human side of how they actually affect employees and companies. And that they focus not only on costing around group benefits but all aspects of an employee’s well-being."

Craig Kushner

Director Human Resources

Akita Drilling Ltd.

“I know that I can contact any member of the Excel Benefit Consulting Team and receive a consistently high level of service. Because of their team approach I have complete trust that they are pro-actively managing our group benefit needs. In previous circumstances ranging from disability claims to emergency situations, they have always handled things quickly and efficiently.”

Jane Osanife, CPHR

Human Resources Manager


"The level of service I receive from Excel Benefit Consulting has exceeded my expectations. Their concierge approach has been invaluable as implementing a new benefit plan requires strong communication and support. They have anticipated my every need and provided me with customized solutions and resources. Thank-you for making my day-to-day easier."

Amy Bullock

Human Resources Manager

Circa Enterprises

"We have been working with Excel Benefit Consulting for many years now. In such a busy world, we love the fact that they provide hands on, personalized service. They are a pleasure to work with and work hard to ensure our benefit needs are met. They also regularly ask for feedback on ways to improve and I really could not think of any way they could better service our group benefits needs - they really are exceptional."

Trevor Davidson

Managing Principal

O2 Planning + Design Inc.

“I am pleased to recommend Caroline Kugelmass and Excel Benefit Consulting to anyone looking for a group benefit consulting company that is dedicated to customer service and passionate about providing quality work to their clients in a competitive, cost effective and efficient way.”

Terry Moschopedis, CMA

VP Finance

Energy Navigator Inc.

“I recently started managing my company’s benefit plan. With help from Caroline and the whole team at Excel Benefit Consulting Inc., I feel confident that my company and I are in good hands. The service and support they have provided to me and our organization has been exceptional. They have a wealth of information regarding various components of our benefit plan and they have an in-depth understanding of the group benefit business. They provide prompt and courteous follow-up to any queries I have and are always willing to help in anyway the can. Their ongoing commitment and passion to helping, being pro-active and providing customized support is extremely evident. They are truly an invaluable resource and business partner. I would highly recommend Caroline and her team to anyone looking for a group benefit consulting company.”